Prestige Payroll Programs

The banking solution for corporate companies
How does it work

A simple application process issues your unique card, delivered to your door. Giving you access to payments both in store and online nationally as well as internationally. Payroll integration gives clients the ability to meet all statutory requirements with SARS as well as paying staff in accordance to the latest employment equity statutory tables.

Card benefits

A payment is immediate, anytime and payments are made in real time, reducing the much dreaded waiting periods! With all this we provide a secure and convenient branded debit card, which does not require a bank account. This is the ultimate banking functionality without setting foot in the bank. True online application and delivering to your door.

Card Features

• ATM cash withdrawals
• Point of sale purchases / cash
• E-commerce
• Mobile banking
• Secondary cards
• All transactions secured by PIN where PIN pad is present
• Online banking
• International usage
• Electronic funds transfer

Company and Customer benefits

• Branded solution within 16 weeks
• Payroll integration and deduction against employees linked to the customer program
• Instant issuance and payment
• No cash / cheque issuing and handling costs
• Funds retained in your account longer
• Single EFT payment to pay all employees
• Save time on administration
• No downtime on card replacements
• Customized o branding and reporting
• Queries resolved immediately – banks not involved
• No cash on site
• No EFT rejection costs when recipient change bank details

Individual and cardholder benefits

• No credit checks/FICA on individuals – everyone qualifies
• Convenient usage – ATM,POS, Internet, Mobile, International
• SMS notifications
• Security of card vs. cash
• 24 hour call centre
• Competitive fees
• No debit orders
• Secondary cards
• Stop orders
• Instant access to funds


Card Express has the following insurance products on offer:
life, disability, dread disease, income protection and funeral cover, individual retirement and pension schemes, educational, off-shore, medium and long term investments as well as wills and trusts.


Card Express includes benefits such as real time payments, ATM withdrawals, second cards, mobile banking as well as  international usage.Don’t get left behind, apply now and become part of the Card Express revolution!


Card Express comes complete with a secure online banking system. Manage beneficiaries, send EFT’s and make online purchases. Contact us to find out more or join below.